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A desire to wander like a wind as if no horizon exists. Hear upon that soundless call rooted deep in your mind to explore very existence of being what we are. Discover a joy of being traveler as if World is calling upon to get explored and appreciated. Yes, my friends we understand your need to live boundless, so we take you to explore a joy of witnessing the life on different parts of the world. Whole world is setting a new challenge of making you understand the limit of human efforts to explore and vastness of opportunity it provides to get explored. So come and join the drive of being traveler and we shall show you how beautiful the world is. India is a world in, we arrange a full travel package for tours to Andaman, Gujrat, Himachal, Karnataka, Kerala, Rajasthan, Tamil Nādu, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Sikkim, Seven Sisters, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Hyderabad and Uttaranchal. From sea shores of Andaman to Mountains of Himalayas we shall take you to uncover the beautiful natural beauty and cultural heritage sites of India. If you wish to be international traveler then our tours to Bali, Bhutan, Singapore and Malaysia would definitely give you some memorable experience.

Aumkar Tours

Complete Travel Solution with Additional Services

Having 20 years experience & tie-ups with 10 state government agency.

Domestic & International Air Ticketing

Air Tickets are made available with best prices for all travel destinations and of all best available airline companies. A consultancy shall be provided for selection of best flight available as per your requirement with available timings, food and other convenient travel services.

Customized Tours for Groups, Students

Booking of most memorable tourist destinations will be done with utmost care to provide best travel experience. We make all arrangements including convenient Ticket booking, convenient itineraries, comfortable Hotel accommodation, sightseeing, guides, best food and other travel requirements. Special discount rates will be provided for groups and students.

Hotel Booking

We make Hotel bookings in best of hotels across the globe. We provide Hotel booking from small hotels to 5-star hotels with best of comfortable and luxurious stay in affordable rates. We shall arrange for value for money with best of services and amenities for travellers according to their requirement.

Passport & Visa Assistance

A Best way to avail your Passport and Visa is by choosing our professional assistance. We provide Passport and Visa assistance with up-to-date document submission and follow-up. We keep our system updated with changed rules for Visa of different countries.

Money Transfer Services, Forex

Foreign Exchange, Western Union Money transfer and other exchange related services will be provided to traveller. When traveling to foreign country a traveller must have some foreign currency for shopping. We shall arrange for a money transfer and foreign exchange transaction services to traveller.

Railway Tickets

A regional long-distance travel is always convenient by train. With availability of food and sleeping birth facility a train travel is most convenient means to travel. We arrange for train ticket booking and other related services.

Travel Insurance

To protect you from medical emergency we provide cover of insurance in rupees as well as in dollars. We provide insurance services on goods as well. All type of insurance will be arranged for traveller. Even on spot policy, non-medical policy, travel policy, etc with very less paper work and hassle-free insurance cover will be provided.

So, my friends break free and get ready to enjoy luxurious and comfortable Stay, dining and explore the world you haven’t explored before.  Be a majestic guest at every destination because you are our most valued customer

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